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Organic active & Herbal toothpaste

ยาสีฟันออแกนิค สูตรพรีเมียม อ่อนโยนแต่ดูแลจริงจังทั้งเหงือกและฟัน

Story of


A Thai herb called “Khoi” (Thai people also call it Toothbrush Tree) is great for dental care, anti-bacteria and also a great natural herbal ingredient substitutes Fluoride to prevents tooth decay.


Concept of

Simple and Pure packaging. Stay Natural, Stay Clean, Stay Fresh. Stay Protected. Clean Teeth, Clean Life, Clean Earth.


Naturally Simple

Holding a Branch

18+ specially selected organic and natural herbal extracts were used for your complete oral care and hygiene.


You want - Natural, Gentle, Safe and Effective way for your oral care without harmful CHEMICALS. which are usually present in most OTC toothpastes then KOii p.o.p is the right choice.

  • NO SLS

  • NO Fluoride

  • NO Sugar

  • NO Preservative

  • Nature & Organic Content

  • Premium Quality Product

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